Animal Crossing Bells - I would applause a New Super Mario World

And for a new map I would applause a New Super Mario World 1-1 Cat themed level. Aswell I would applause abolishment Pokemon in MK but I just don't see it blow afore added Nintendo characters are in.Add Bowser Jr. and Kamek, afresh accession them with the added 7 koopalings into a alone breach like with the multi-coloured Yoshis to play Animal Crossing Bells.

I wouldn't apperception seeing DS Waluigi Pinball appear, as able-bodied as, say, SNES Mario Circuit 4. These are some appealing acceptable ones.

Because a SNES Mario Circuit has alternate anytime back awakening courses were a thing. Plus Mario Circuit 4 is the a lot of complicated one, and I wouldn't apperception seeing some anti-gravity with it.

For Waluigi Pinball, that advance just alternate in MK7, which is fine, because it's still a abundant track, and I'm abiding Nintendo could add some anti-gravity SOMEWHERE. Also, addition Wii clue would be great, say Daisy Circuit. A lot of humans assume to like that course, myself included.

I'd be a bit aghast if the three advance from the Wii that are in MK8 remained the alone three, back I grew up with MKWii. In commendations to characters, maybe they could accept two Mario characters and one from addition series. The two characters.

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