Animal Crossing Bells - I anticipate Animal Crossing Bells

While this will be discussed at breadth in approaching posts, I anticipate Animal Crossing Bells could apparatus a largely-for-collecting mining system, for ore, gemstones, and added attenuate earthen materials.

It's affectation in the building could be ample mosiacs on anniversary bank and acknowledging pillars, bushing with blush and detail with every new account you add.

Also something that will be discussed in the future, Gyroids were a unique, arbitrary apparatus for the series, but rarely see use by New Leaf.

One way to advice them aback on their anxiety would be to acquiesce us to abide them to the museum. Imagine an "It's a Small World" appearance ride that carries us through your increasingly-complex Gyroid rhythms.

I enjoyed the anchor from antecedent games, and I anticipate they had/still accept able abeyant for the Museum. As we attending up at the stars day to day and ages to month, acquiesce us to "collect" constellations, planets, and added angelic bodies, to appearance as a accomplished on the beam of the Building itself.

You could even baddest 2 or 3 to affectation in our own night sky, to amaze caliginosity players! This would aswell accord candied Celeste added to do!

Also Victor sounds like a lot of fun.But wouldn't he just be addition one-note npc, Like Kicks? It was harder to affliction about npc's I almost saw.