Animal Crossing Bells - advance abiding from Animal Crossing Bells

I noticed the amount of advance abiding from Animal Crossing Bells anniversary game, and I assumption I affectionate of capital to even that number, so that there are the aforementioned amount of courses abiding from anniversary bold (or at atomic close, as now alone 3 SNES courses return, rather than 4).

Basically, it's a affectionate of gorge, with the Mushrooms returning, but about aggregate is fabricated of gold, or is coloured golden. And appropriately there are MANY bill lying about the track.

Another one of those "maze" courses, this advance doesn't acquaint you what abode your in until the chase is over, and it doesn't accept a minimap either.

You alpha off by entering the tower, and afterwards bridge a abbreviate puzzle, you access one of three pipes, they anniversary advance to a accidental one of 15 floors (except for the fifteenth one), and from those floors.

You cantankerous a addle and arch for three added pipes, and basically the pipes advance to altered floors in the course, but you're aggravating to get to the fifteenth attic somehow. (by the way, it's alone the aboriginal attic that has no achievability of arch to the fifteenth floor).

From the top you circling down the tower, and again coast down to the accomplishment band to go on to the additional of 3 laps. I can brainstorm the clue getting hardly gloomy.

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