Animal Crossing: A secret dialogue between villagers in a new horizon

In the game "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", only when the player is dressed as an animal can unique villager dialogues be conducted in different backgrounds.

Since then, "Animal Crossing" has been a secret dialogue between villagers: "New Horizons" is located under the player's nose and only appears during the months when only players change clothes for the holidays.

The villager interaction in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is similar to previous games. There are eight different personality villagers, neighbors may have, each is unique in their dialogue. However, the dialogue that the villagers have in "New Horizons" is different from previous games (such as "Animal Crossing: New Leaf"). The villagers still ask the player for help, but only do so when he is close to the player or when the thought bubble is too high instead of talking normally. It's like changing the idiom or giving them a new greeting. In short, this leads to frequent repetition of dialogues, even when interacting with the best villagers, which may weaken the game experience that greatly encourages friendship with animal neighbors.

It has now been discovered that animal neighbors react to certain costumes worn by the player. Redditor MagicDolls released several screenshots of animals that reacted to the costumes of human characters. Shown are examples of villagers wearing rabbit and frog clothes. Villagers will notice the above-mentioned costumes and react according to their personalities. When the villagers wear clothes like animals, the animals even react. The review also claimed that Mabel, one of the owners of Able Sisters, reacted to players wearing detective hats and jackets.

Celebrate Halloween with animal players this year. In October, he not only provided many new products and Animal Crossing Bells, but also added custom features. The community was also very active in making various fan creations for the holiday, whether it was imitation or unique design. Able Sisters provides a variety of new costumes to celebrate the season, and Cranny of Nook has been selling Spooky series of furniture and candies, which will be used to trade with villagers on Halloween night.

The game script provides this new unique secret in "New Horizons". The quality of writing is never bad, but there is not enough material for dialogue. Now players can create some interesting scenes, in which they can interact with frog villagers in frog costumes, and the frog villagers will react accordingly. It shows that there is still a lot to discover in the increasingly popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons.