All the features in the habitat update of New Horizons

In the latest Nintendo Direct, Animal Crossing at long last got the update declaration that many have been hanging tight for. The secret momentarily showed the Roost in the exhibition hall, however very little more.

Players are anticipating the authority declaration of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct alongside the update, which ought to show up in November.

Prior to that, however, here are the components expected to show up in the Roost update. A considerable lot of these were first brought up by well known YouTuber Crossing Channel.

Normally, players can anticipate Brewster and the Roost. The two have been basically indivisible since they appeared and it's really hard to present one without the other.

Somebody needs to run the Roost, so Brewster is without a doubt to accompany it.

In the event that Brewster shows up, players can anticipate that a friendship mechanic should be in play. In more seasoned Animal Crossing games, Brewster and the players would develop a relationship and in the long run open new things.

New Horizons utilizes a similar technician with Sable. Players can improve the relationship by purchasing espresso from Brewster, however just one time per day.

In New Leaf, Animal Crossing players could become a close acquaintence with Brewster to the purpose in finding a new line of work at the Roost. It's muddled in case that is in progress for New Horizons, however it would unquestionably bode well.

Strangely, this was viewed as a minigame in New Leaf where players would make extraordinary orders and get rewards dependent on Animal Crossing Bells their exhibitions.

Another potential expansion is the exceptional locals. In past emphasess, players could just communicate with specific unique townspeople who might go to the Roost for espresso. This is a serious conceivable expansion and would be an incredible method to present locals who haven't showed up yet.