12th. 5 Free Designs Codes For Animal Crossing New Horizons

Sharing designs in New Horizons

Finally, you can share designs made in New Horizons, but not with QR

codes anymore, meaning that previous advice is meaningless when it comes

to this. First you will need to construct the Able Sister's Tailor

shop, and once that is done, along with a Nintendo Switch Online

Subscription, you will be able to share your designs…

Go to the Able Sister's shop, and at the back of the room should be an

online kiosk.When you first use this kiosk, you will be assigned a

creator code. Share this code and people will be able to find all of

your designs at any point.You will be able to upload your designs now.

It's as simple as navigating the menus, and each designs will also be

assigned a code that you can share online.And finally, of course, you

can type in design or creator codes if you want to seek out certain

designs that people have created. That's all you need to

know!Unfortunately, you will need the online subscription to use this

kiosk, and frankly, it's not as easy as scanning a QR code, but we're

glad the creator codes allow you to showcase all of your best designs.

12th,5 Free Gifts Update:

1.Bunny Pop Dress

2.Cute Dress

3.Pizza Dress

4.Sakura Dress


Feel free to use the code we have published, We will keep update everyday. Hope you guys enjoy it. :D